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9 May 2018


Dear Sir/Madam

We are pleased to confirm that the Police Staff Council has reached an agreement on a pay award for police staff for 2017 which is as follows:

• An increase of 1.0% on all pay points on the PSC pay spine backdated to 1 September 2017;

• A non-consolidated payment to the value of 1.0% of basic pay on all pay points (using 2016/17 pay rates) paid as a one-off lump sum;

• An increase of 1.0% to Standby Allowance from £29.17 to £29.46 backdated to 1 September 2017;

• The removal of pay point 4 (£15,486) as of 1 September 2017;

• The removal of pay point 5 (£15,876) as of 1 April 2018.

Any pay points above point 45 that have been constructed in accordance with the Police Staff Council Handbook (Part Three) should also be increased by 1.0% from 1 September 2017.

Please note that for payroll purposes the pay increase and spinal column points (SCPs) are rounded up and divisible by three in the PSC Pay Spine (Appendix I).

Technical issues related to the non-consolidated payment are outlined in Appendix II.

Yours faithfully

Ben Priestley David Algie Trade Union Side Secretary Employers’ Side Secretariat