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Success Stories

Being a Member helped my family too

posted 26 Mar 2020, 07:40 by Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch

One of our members family relatives has recently submitted a claim into Thompson Solicitors whereby the relative was propelled backwards whilst in her wheelchair after colliding with a bus of which the bus driver was seen to be driving erratically. 
The member received £15,000 pounds in compensation. 

You're Worth It #worthit

Part time Workers got what they deserved

posted 26 Mar 2020, 07:37 by Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch

It was one of our cases that have bought about the recent payment to part time shift workers. It was a very complex issue that we sent to the Unison legal team to deal with but in a nut shell our legal team had been working on a case which centred on shift increments for working weekends as part of a formalised shift pattern being paid prorated along with the salary. It has been agreed that this should have not been the case and as a result over 150 part time members of staff have received back pay going back a number of years and the error has been corrected going forward. 

A Good Outcome

posted 26 Mar 2020, 07:34 by Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch

The member was supported by UNISON as they had lost faith in their 1st line manager and this resulted in stress/ other symptoms leading to long term sickness and absence from work leading to a Stage 2 attendance plan.  
Mediation failed and after work with 2nd line manager, HR and of course UNISON resulted in a supported move to their new District.  
Since the member moving district full support mentoring/ training and good relationship with 1st line supervisor is going well to the point that UNISON support is no longer needed.

Probation Member

posted 26 Mar 2020, 07:32 by Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch

One of our members managed to get a secondment Probation Officer job with the Crawley YOS and the member is happy as they wont be requiring to move to Redhill now which was a further travel from the members home address.
This means I won't be needing the assistance of Unison re this matter any longer. 
Many thanks for your help.

Personal Injury

posted 26 Mar 2020, 07:30 by Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch

One of our members put in a claim to Thompson Solicitors for a personal injury that happened to them whilst on duty after stumbling on a raised and unsecured paving stone which left our member to receive multiple injuries. 
After the other side's insurers refusing to negotiate settlement it was then necessary to take the claim to court proceedings.
As a result of these injuries our member received £8,000 in compensation. 

Cases such as this show the value of the union's legal service. It also shows that the union is prepared to take cases that claim companies and no win/no fee solicitors will not.

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