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posted 5 Nov 2018, 00:55 by Jo Sykes

Wendy Wheeler is one of our highly dedicated stewards for Probation members she works at Brighton for KSSCRC. She has been an active steward for many years and has helped many of her probation colleagues to resolve problems or as a point of contact for queries for our Probation member colleagues.  Wendy had not had the opportunity to attend conference previously but she was able to join her Sussex Police Unison colleagues this year.  Conference can be quite daunting the first time you attend but Wendy embraced the whole experience and hopefully will be attending P&J in the future.  Below is a few words from Wendy herself. 

Police and Justice Conference October 2018

A new experience and a few first time experiences by the seaside


I have just been to my 1st Conference and  my 1st visit to Bournemouth.

The sun was out when we arrived and was extremely hot but by the time we left there was gale force winds and rain, absolutely predictable, for an English seaside town. 


The conference was interesting and I also attended several of the workshops, the most memorable was the CRC pay claim which was taken over by the news about the NPS pay offer which seemed very generous, until it was described in more detail. I personally agree with UNISONS stance of not advising members one way or another in this instance. 

I was very impressed by the 1st time speakers at the conference and I take my hat off to all of them.