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posted 16 May 2014, 05:24 by Sussex Police & Justice UNISON   [ updated 8 Nov 2017, 06:26 ]

UNISON membership costs less than you might think.

How much you pay for your UNISON membership depends on how much you earn. But all our members get the same benefits, support and exclusive offers. (Note: you will need to have been a member for at least four weeks to qualify for some of our benefits and help).

Membership costs start at just £1.30 a month.  The tables below tell you how much you will pay depending on salary.

Membership costs in England, Scotland and Wales/Cymru

Annual salaryMonthly cost
Up to £2,000£1.30
over £35,000£22.50

Your right to join a Trade Union

posted 16 May 2014, 05:22 by Sussex Police & Justice UNISON   [ updated 26 Jun 2014, 06:15 ]

The right to join a union is protected by UK law.

All workers have the right to:

  • choose to join, or not to join, a trade union;
  • decide to leave, or remain a member of, a trade union;
  • belong to a trade union of their choice, even if it is different from the one recognised by their employer;
  • belong to more than one trade union.

An employer cannot discriminate against you for joining a trade union. You cannot be refused employment, treated unfairly at work or dismissed for joining a trade union.

If your employer does discriminate against you, you may be able to make a complaint to an employment tribunal.

What is a Trade Union?

posted 16 May 2014, 05:13 by Sussex Police & Justice UNISON   [ updated 16 Oct 2017, 13:13 ]

Please see the attached Branch designed flyer detailing information about who is in your branch and how we can assist you when needed. 
Don't leave it too late to join

How can I Join UNISON?

posted 16 May 2014, 05:05 by Sussex Police & Justice UNISON   [ updated 24 Aug 2017, 05:59 ]

It’s simple to join UNISON and get essential cover wherever you work.

If you want to pay by Direct Debit there are three options for you:

1. Join online at join.unison.org.uk

2. Call 0800 171 2193 and join instantly.

3. Download an application form and when you fill it in select the "pay by Direct Debit" option.

If you want to pay for your UNISON membership by having the cost deducted directly from your salary. 

Here is a link to enable you to download a form to complete .. https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2013/06/On-line-Catalogue213863.pdf 


you can request an application form from your local branch via email at admin@sussexpoliceunison.org

Am I eligible to Join UNISON?

posted 16 May 2014, 04:58 by Sussex Police & Justice UNISON   [ updated 26 Jun 2014, 06:14 ]

Anyone employed in providing public services can join UNISON. That includes people working:

In the public services;

For private contractors;

In the utilities;

In community and voluntary organisations. 

Joining UNISON means you have access to our huge network of stewards and reps that are there to help you with your workplace problems.

Why Join UNISON?

posted 16 May 2014, 04:56 by Sussex Police & Justice UNISON   [ updated 26 Jun 2014, 05:22 ]

Membership of UNISON gives you essential cover, wherever you work. UNISON offers a full range of member benefits, which can include:

Advice, support and help when you need it at work.

A helpline that is open until midnight during the week and 4pm on Saturdays.

Legal help for you at work and your and your family at home, subject to certain eligibility criteria.

Financial assistance and debt advice in times of need.

Compensation for accidents and injuries at work.

A range of exclusive member discounts that can save you and your family money when you are shopping, buying insurance or looking for a holiday.

Education and training advice and courses, leading to vocational and professional qualifications.

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