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Health and Safety

Your Responsibility Too



There is legislation to protect us in the workplace and steps are taken to ensure that we stay safe.  This includes Risk Assessments

Inspections and Policy.


However, it is as important that you as an individual take responsibility for your own health and safety and that of others.


If you see something that looks dangerous or hazardous in the workplace. Don’t ignore it, or assume somebody else has already reported it.  Take ownership.  Better that two calls go to Facilities that no calls at all.


We are all working in much smaller spaces now and many of us are required to hot desk and share lots of facilities.


Think how YOU would like to find a desk or working area and leave it in the state you would wish to find it.


Facilities are working very hard to provide a locker for all members of staff.  Officers are provided with lockers for work, clothes and in some instance cages for their PSU gear.  Insist they use them. Do not let them pile there gear all over the office and take up your valuable space.


Do not leave items lying on top of lockers on floors stuffed under desks or stacked on window sills.  THINK about others.  A tidy working environment makes for a less chaotic workplace and more comfortable working space for everybody.


Using kitchens and toilets consider others, leave as you would like to find.  Do not make your washing up someone else’s job to do. The cleaners have little time to complete their tasks without clearing up after staff.

Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch,
10 Jan 2018, 23:15
Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch,
11 Jan 2018, 00:29