Procedure for acquiring a Dyslexia Screening Test

A formal dyslexia screening test is required when seeking reasonable adjustments for exams.  It is also extremely useful for identifying areas of difficulty and strategies to manage those difficulties.

If you or a member of your team feel you may benefit from having a dyslexia screening test, please follow the procedure below:

  • Line Manager refers individual to Occupational Health requesting dyslexia screening test using the email address:
  • HR liaise with Chartered Psychologist to arrange an appointment
  •  Individual attends appointment and undertakes the assessment
  •  Chartered Psychologist generates a full report which is sent to the individual explaining areas of difficulty and suggesting strategies and reasonable adjustments to manage those difficulties


Please be aware there is a cost involved (latest information quotes approximately £500 for the assessment) which may be funded from the Line Manager’s departmental budget.