Introduction to Dyselxia Support Software

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Introduction of Dyslexia support software

Dyslexia affects roughly 10% of the population. Within the Surrey and Sussex Police Forces, that could mean around 900 officers and staff, who are providing a critical service to the public, are also managing life with dyslexia. With the large number of new officers and changes to our policing model there has been a noticeable rise in the number of employees seeking assistance. 

Surrey & Sussex Police have been working to widen the availability of specialist supportive software. Read & Write Gold is a leading application in this area, and will shortly be accessible force-wide through every computer. The software has a variety of functions specifically designed to support individuals with dyslexia, which may also be beneficial to everyone. 
The new software functions will include:

·         Text to Speech: this will assist colleagues who prefer to process information via audio rather than reading

·         Screen Tinting/Masking: this will help colleagues who struggle to process visual information, as well as those who struggle with the glare of the computer screen, sometimes resulting in headaches and eye discomfort

·         Enhanced Dictionary: this will help with the meanings and spellings of words as well as assisting with grammar

·         Screen Shot Reader: allows copy and pasting of text from locked formats such as PDFs and other applications, which can then be accessible to Read & Write


The introduction of this software aims to create an inclusive digital work place, as well as aiming to reduce stress, sickness and therefore absenteeism, along with making information readily accessible to everyone! 

For a brief overview of the software please have a look at this video. 

To support the roll-out, a number of Subject Matter Experts have been trained in each force. They can get you started, show you the key features and provide additional support if required. 

If you want to see some of the features in more detail spend a few minutes watching this video

Also, if you are producing more detailed written work, then this link is a good summary of some additional features. 

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact Graham Weaver (Surrey) or Jen Holloway (Sussex). Additional information about dyslexia can be found in in the
Information Hub , as well as other support from Enable or you can email at:


Jen Holloway

Planning and Strategy Team Project Officer

Estates and Facilities Department

Unison Steward and Disabled Members Officer

Vice-Chair of Enable (Sussex Police Disability and Carers Association)

Mobile: 07585 960258

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