Dyslex.io One Stop Website for Dyslexia Advice

posted 2 Aug 2017, 06:54 by Alan Gates   [ updated 26 Mar 2020, 07:28 by Unison Sussex Police & Justice Staff Branch ]


Dyslex.io is a one-stop website for all you need to know about dyslexia, whether you are dyslexic yourself, a parent or carer of someone who is dyslexic, or a teacher or employer of dyslexic people.


All of the resources and links are quality assured by the British Dyslexia Association and other leading UK dyslexia charities so you can be confident that the advice you are receiving is accurate and current.


dyslex.io is the result of project funded by the Department for Education. It is led by the British Dyslexia Association in partnership with Dyslexia Action, Dyspraxia Foundation, Helen Arkell, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Patoss.


Additional information for the website has been provided by Steve Chinn, Fintan O’Regan, I CAN, and Ambitions about Autism.

dyslex.io aims to promote a dyslexia friendly society in which dyslexic people of all ages can reach their full potential.


I’ve had a look through myself and the information provided is really useful for individuals and anyone supporting someone with dyslexia, ie line managers, colleagues, family members.


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