Self-Organised Groups

To support members who are subject to particular discrimination, UNISON has “self-organised groups” or SOG's.

These are independent structures for women, black members, LGBT and disabled members to come together and debate and discuss issues which are primarily linked to their protected characteristic. Members in these groups lead the union’s work making sure that pay and conditions are equal, stopping prejudice, and campaigning for change in wider society.

The Branch Secretary Heads up a connection with the Regional LGBT group and with the Sussex Police Equalities Unit
 but we do not have a direct SOG at this time for LGBT or Black branch members. If you are a member and would be interested
in becoming more involved in either LGBT or Black branch membership please call the office Extension 544231
or email


The branch has a Disabled Members SOG lead by Jen Holloway 
See sub pages below for information and guidance.

In our Branch we have a SOG structure for Women lead by the Woman's Officer Penny Mitchell
See sub pages below for articles relating to Women



In addition to the Branch SOG there is an arrangement for looking afterYoung Members .
Young members can take part in the Young members forum and have an arrangement that mirrors the SOG structure. 
Young members in Unison are members aged between 18yrs and 27yrs of age. If you would be interested in becoming 
more involved please contact our office on extension 544231 or email

Retired members have their own group if you are a retired member and would like to be more actively involved contact our office
on 101 ext. 544231 or email