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 Open Session at Lewes HQ to learn about the Menopause


Menopause is natural - all women will eventually experience it. For some, it will go almost unnoticed except for the tangibly obvious, some may experience it much sooner than expected and for others the time around the menopause will be marked with intense symptoms, sometimes leading to difficulties at home and work. Reports have shown that women value the opportunity to discuss openly the issues around menopause and how it affects them in the workplace.

The Force has run a session this year in Eastbourne, which was very well received and proved useful to those who may be affected by the menopause (now and in the future), partners of people who may be affected and staff who may manage people affected by the menopause. 

The next session will be held on Wednesday 23rd May led by Kathy Abernethy, a Menopause Specialist Nurse. Kathy has extensive clinical expertise as a Menopause Specialist, regularly seeing and advising women on all issues relating to menopausal health.

The session will be split into two parts:

Open Session at 12:00-13:15: Open to all colleagues, the session will be an opportunity to learn more about menopause, what to expect and to ask questions, in a safe environment.

A Managers & Supervisors Session at 13:30-14:30 Specifically for managers and supervisors, the session will focus on the considerations and support that can be provided to a team member experiencing the menopause.

Each session will be held in The Conference Room, Amberley Block, Lewes HQ and are open to colleagues located anywhere in the force area. Booking is not required, though any questions ahead of the session should be directed to Diversity@sussex.pnn.police.uk. The sessions will be replicated in the West division later in the year.


Di Roskilly

T/Assistant Chief Constable
People Services Surrey and Sussex
Tel: 101 Ext. 544002 Mobile:07879 487788

Chair of Trustees of the Sussex Police Charitable Trust
Chair of Evolve

Click on the link to see how many police and staff have gone  since 2010

Introduction of Dyslexia support software

Go to Branch SOG page and its under Disability Information


April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and 
 Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Month
For more information go to the Branch SOG page and look under Disability Information



 Police Officer rules and regulations are not your 
rules and regulations. 

You are police staff there are fundamental differences 

You have some rights that Police Officers do not 

If you are not a member give it serious consideration
we are here to protect your rights.



With all the changes and upheaval going on in the Force we are extremely busy.  We desperately need some new Stewards to cover East and West and North of the county. If you are a member, please give it some thought.  But we would love to have stewards across the divisions.  

You would be fully trained and you would be entitled to facility time (see facilities agreement in Library on the website) to undertake the role. This means you are allowed to undertake the role in work time  It gives you access to all sorts of training to prepare you to be able to deal with many different issues.  

Helping colleagues is extremely rewarding and teaches many life skills useful in everyday life. Help us make a difference.  See the small video below. If you would like to chat about becoming a steward please drop us an email at.. admin@sussexpoliceunison.org ..  or give us a call.  

Business Disability Forum is a not-for-profit member organisation that helps provide best practice and advice for line managers of individuals who have or may have a disability.
Go to Disability SOG pages for further information


April is Stress Awareness Month.


We all know what it's like to feel stressed, but it's not easy to pin down exactly what stress means. When we say things like "this is stressful" or "I'm stressed", we might be talking about:

·         Situations or events that put pressure on us – for example, times where we have lots to do and think about, or don't have much control over what happens.

·         Our reaction to being placed under pressure – the feelings we get when we have demands placed on us that we find difficult to cope with.

It's overwhelming. Sometimes you can't see beyond the thick fog of stress.

There's no medical definition of stress, and health care professionals often disagree over whether stress is the cause of problems or the result of them. This can make it difficult for you to work out what causes your feelings of stress, or how to deal with them. But whatever your personal definition of stress is, it's likely that you can learn to manage your stress better by:

·         managing external pressures, so stressful situations don't seem to happen to you quite so often

·         developing your emotional resilience, so you're better at coping with tough situations when they do happen and don't feel quite so stressed


For further information, click the following link to the MIND website to find tips about how to recognise and manage stress  - https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/tips-for-everyday-living/stress/#.WsMmdk1lLmI

Alternatively you can contact the MIND Helpline on 0300 123 3393 or text 86463.


In addition, the National Disabled Police Association have circulated the attached to their members, and we thought the information was so useful, we decided to share it with you all too J


Here are some links to further support…


Anxiety UK

08444 775 774 (Monday–Friday 9.30am–5.30pm)
Advice and support for people living with anxiety.


Be Mindful


Information about mindfulness and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR). Guidance on how to learn mindfulness, including course listings.


Big White Wall


An online community of people who are finding it hard to cope. It’s completely anonymous so you can express yourself openly.


Health and Safety Executive


Information about health and safety law in the workplace. Specialist information on stress for employers and employees.


International Stress Management Association


Lists stress practitioners by specialist area.


Mind Tools


Information on topics including stress management and assertiveness.

NHS Choices


Information and tips on managing stress in the workplace.



116 123 (24 hours a day)
Chris PO Box 90 90
Stirling FK8 2SA
24-hour emotional support for anyone who needs to talk. Calls are free from all providers and do not appear on bills.


Stress Management Society


Information about stress and tips on how to cope.




If you have an injury/incident at work or a near miss that is health and safety related REPORT on the FIAMS system. Go to the front page of the Intranet click on Health and Safety on the left hand side of your screen.
Then click on the box that says 'Incidents & Assaults - Reporting and Managing', then click on the 'Incident & Assault Web Form' and log in and fill in.  This is important even if it seems like a small insignificant injury/incident or near miss.  Remember something small can end up a lot bigger.  By reporting the H&S Unit can monitor incidents and injuries and take appropriate action or sanction measures to stop/reduce or alieviate the same incident/assault occurring again.


Take Ownership 

If you see a hazard or something that appears dangerous in your work place.  DO NOT ignore.  Report to your local facilities officer or report it on 544444 choosing facilities option.  Stop the problem getting bigger or someone getting injured. 

If you think Health and Safety is being breached or compromised then email Unison admin@sussexpoliceunison.org. If not a member ask a member to email  The Health and Safety officer can look into the problem.  This also applies if you have personal H&S issues you feel are not being met, if you are a member contact us at the office. 


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