Unison members recruit a friend in March 2018.


Incredibly one reason why people don’t join a union is that they have never been asked!


As a member of Unison here’s your chance to put that right and explain the benefits of union membership


From 1st to 31st March 2018 if you recruit a friend or work colleague you will receive a £10.00 voucher.  Not only that but the new member will also receive a £10.00 voucher.


In addition participating members and new members details will be entered into a prize draw.  The winner will receive a Samsung tablet!


Q. So what do I need to do?


A.  Simply get a friend or work colleague to join Unison and enter your membership details on the application form with theirs.


                    The following Terms and Conditions apply


1)   Maximum of five vouchers per person nominating

2)   Vouchers only will be issued and no cash will be offered as an alternative.  Eligible members will be entered into the prize draw for the opportunity to win a Samsung tablet. Again no cash alternatives will be offered.

3)   The branch decision in respect of the vouchers issued and prize draw will be final and no further discussion will be entered into

4)   Vouchers and the prize will not be issued until 31st July 2018 and members and new members must remain members of Unison to qualify for vouchers and any prize eligibility.

5)   Receipt of application forms at the Branch Office is necessary to qualify for vouchers and any prize

6)   The Branch will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any application forms whilst in transit

7)   The Branch retains the right to withdraw the offer at any time.





 Police Officer rules and regulations are not your 
rules and regulations. 

You are police staff there are fundamental differences 

You have some rights that Police Officers do not 

If you are not a member give it serious consideration
we are here to protect your rights.



With all the changes and upheaval going on in the Force we are extremely busy.  We desperately need some new Stewards to cover East and West and North of the county. If you are a member, please give it some thought.  But we would love to have stewards across the divisions.  

You would be fully trained and you would be entitled to facility time (see facilities agreement in Library on the website) to undertake the role. This means you are allowed to undertake the role in work time  It gives you access to all sorts of training to prepare you to be able to deal with many different issues.  

Helping colleagues is extremely rewarding and teaches many life skills useful in everyday life. Help us make a difference.  See the small video below. If you would like to chat about becoming a steward please drop us an email at.. ..  or give us a call.  

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

For more information go to Branch SOGs page



If you have an injury/incident at work or a near miss that is health and safety related REPORT on the FIAMS system. Go to the front page of the Intranet click on Health and Safety on the left hand side of your screen.
Then click on the box that says 'Incidents & Assaults - Reporting and Managing', then click on the 'Incident & Assault Web Form' and log in and fill in.  This is important even if it seems like a small insignificant injury/incident or near miss.  Remember something small can end up a lot bigger.  By reporting the H&S Unit can monitor incidents and injuries and take appropriate action or sanction measures to stop/reduce or alieviate the same incident/assault occurring again.


Take Ownership 

If you see a hazard or something that appears dangerous in your work place.  DO NOT ignore.  Report to your local facilities officer or report it on 544444 choosing facilities option.  Stop the problem getting bigger or someone getting injured. 

If you think Health and Safety is being breached or compromised then email Unison If not a member ask a member to email  The Health and Safety officer can look into the problem.  This also applies if you have personal H&S issues you feel are not being met, if you are a member contact us at the office. 


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